Puzzles during the pandemic

  • 29 April 2020
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I just left the excellent community call, led by Megan this afternoon. I let everyone in the room know one thing that was working for me and my customers right now (during the pandemic), and that is offering my photography as custom jigsaw puzzles. I am a landscape / travel photographer, but I can also see this working well if you have customers who might have purchased a portrait or wedding photograph from you.

I probably should have done what Megan suggested and just provided the puzzle as a self-fulfilled item in my pricelist through my ShootProof store. Will give that a shot soon. I’ve updated my process to provide the puzzle product twice now, and here are the details for both:

  1. I started by just providing 241 of my photos in a gallery on Facebook and letting people direct message me the title and size they wanted. You can see the graphic / post for that here → https://www.facebook.com/GabeTaviano/posts/10156847900426784
  2. I then decided to put all of the photos on my personal blog and connect it to a Google Form that includes all of the names of the photos as a drop-down selection in the form. You can see the blog here → http://www.gabetaviano.com and the Google Form here → https://forms.gle/KbqHThfQS3o5uMca9

I have been very impressed with the quality of the puzzles (ordered two 1,014 piece puzzles myself) from Shutterfly. Once on this page, you will see that you can Upload Your Own Design in the second row. The orders fro 252 piece puzzles are shipping pretty quickly, but at the moment the 520 and 1014 puzzles are behind in production (due to the pandemic). One thing to note is that the smaller 252 piece puzzles are at a different ration with their dimensions than the others.

If you have any questions, I’ll be sure to respond here. Thanks, ShootProof, for the excellent call and giving back to your customers by creating a community for us all!

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Thanks Gabe, it was good to see and hear from you on the call. This information is very useful and I will be following it up, thanks again, Laurence. 


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