Personalize Your Client Experience

  • 11 April 2022
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Personalize Your Client Experience
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Personalization helps your clients to feel like they are getting an extra special service when they book with you!

Shootproof offers several ways to customize the galleries you deliver to your clients.  This provides a better, more personalized client experience, which can result in more sales for you!  Customizing your gallery can help your clients fall in love with their images, and can also provide a way to show them how to purchase extras quickly and easily from their gallery!

Customizing the client gallery means that you can set special gallery permissions, such as labeling and hiding images for your client. You can personalize your client experience through gallery intro messages.  You can set privacy and accessibility levels on your galleries, and even customize shopping cart settings.


Want to learn how to use these Shootproof gallery features to help provide a better client experience and bring in some extra $$?


Sign up here to watch this week’s webinar from Shootproof.

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