How to Get More Clients: A Wedding Planner Shares Her Secrets

  • 13 April 2022
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How to Get More Clients: A Wedding Planner Shares Her Secrets
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Vendor referrals can take your business from bland to booming! Our pro shares how to get more clients by building a rapport with the wedding planner.

A whopping 85% of wedding planner Chandani Chandekar’s clients ask her to recommend a photographer.  


In the fiercely competitive markets of Chicago, Illinois, and Washington, D.C., getting on Chandani’s preferred photographer list could mean the difference between a slow calendar and one that’s bursting at the seams. We asked Chandani how she decides which photographers deserve glowing reviews – and which ones she’ll never ever refer again.

Keep reading to learn Chandani’s top photographer qualifications . . .

Chandani Chandekar Tells All → 

The top three things I look for in a photographer are:

  1. The quality of their work and products.
  2. A good match between the photographer’s personality and the couple’s. I want to ensure that it’s an enjoyable experience for my clients.

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