Do YOU watermark files for Social Sharing

  • 26 June 2020
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Hi.  I recently succumbed to the Front Porch Sessions, which were super fast sessions, low cost sessions (basically the opposite of my biz model) that included files for social & option to order more (prints and digis).  This is the first time I’ve ever offered files of any kind inclusive of a shoot, but I caved after seeing so many others do it.  I am intended on making those avail with a watermark, but I’m curious what others do.  I know I’ll lose sales if they aren’t watermarked…. 

3 replies


I have two different set ups, but still watermark everything. One watermark is for sales protection (as you mentioned above) and that’s  an ugly, across-the-middle style that’s pretty  low in opacity, but unmistakable . I use that  for lower priced work (like you’re mentioning). The other type is tasteful and unobtrusive for higher priced work (like you probably normally do), that’s a  free add-on and justified for it’s marketing potential.  I guess you could always upload low-res, tastefully watermarked images in  their own accompanying album or gallery that are there specifically for free downloads. Just a thought, but you have me thinking that this is how I might start doing it. Easy enough to set it up in Lightroom to automatically create both resolutions -  I would also use LR to set the watermark on the low-res images, rather than letting Shootproof do it (since there’s more flexibility with LR ). 

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Hi @April,

I moved this to the “Resources When You Need Them The Most” forum. 

As far as social & watermark. In all honesty, watermarks can be removed so easily nowadays, I question the ability of them to deter anyone but the most novice of users. You could do a watermark and have it stipulated in your contract that they cannot remove them (it would be hard to track if they did/did not follow). A good way to deter is to offer low resolution social media files, that way if they tried to print they would not look very good.

Hope that helps!


I watermark everything on social media. In fact, I watermark it three ways. My logo, an opaque version of it across the middle and I also use Digimarc. I could care less if people do not like watermarks...I don’t like my work being stolen and used without my permission. That simple. 



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