Blog Prompt: The Products You Sell & Why Your Clients Need Them

  • 17 August 2020
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Blog Prompt: The Products You Sell & Why Your Clients Need Them
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This is the second installment in our Blog Prompt series. These prompts will be posted bi-weekly, providing you  inspiration for 2 blog posts a month! The goal of this activity is:

  1. Give you, the photographer, a blog prompt you can write about to educate and inspire your clients
  2. Help you take advantage of all of the amazing benefits of content marketing- you can send these blog posts out as emails to your subscribers, use the blog as inspiration for your social media posts, or even use the prompt to make a video!

Remember, the audience you’re writing to is not the photographers who will find your link here, but your clients and future clients! Over time, we will be building a story of working with you, what experience they can expect, and educating your clients on the ins and outs of YOU being their photographer. For bonus points, you can even use the blogs you write as content for your email list. 🎉Talk about a win-win! What other ideas do you have for getting this content in front of your audience?


Here is this week’s prompt:

Write a blog post about the products you sell and why your clients need them. Here are some ideas to get your words flowing – feel free to follow these prompts exactly OR to let them inspire you to riff on your own:

  • Why is it important to you that your clients display their images?
  • What products do you offer for them to display their photos? Digitals only, prints, canvases, no matter what you sell, tell them! 
  • Are there stipulations on your products? i.e. “You will receive the digital files for every image included in your album”
  • If you offer canvases, metals, or framed prints, why do you offer these specific products? Why is ordering through you different than them printing on their own? 
  • Include images of your products hanging on a wall, styled on a shelf, in your packaging, and/or detail shots of the products.

If you’re finding that you sell SO many products that this prompt is overwhelming, don’t stress out or ignore this. Pick 3 or 4 of your best-selling or highest-margin products to focus on. It may be time to consider refining your offerings as well – if it’s overwhelming for you to pick, it’s definitely overwhelming for your clients to choose as well. Make it easier on both of you!

Time to start writing!! Come back here, tag me (Megan) in your comment with the link to your blog! Questions? Ideas? Leave them in the comments here!


Missed last week’s prompt? Find it here.


2 replies

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I used the blog prompts to help start my post; however, I went off on my own and really focused on why you should post your photos vs. the actual products. Hope you enjoy it!

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I love that so much, @Matt Specht! What compelling points you make to leverage the value you bring to clients!


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